Adjoba Messam


Doula, Bushwoman Herbalist, Birthkeeper & Traditional Midwife
Visions of Adjoba
Toronto, ON
(437) 220-1062
Catchment Area:



After many moons of creating music and sowing seeds into the lives of children, Adjoba was honored with the request of becoming a Doula for the birth of a little Jamaican girl named Ama in 2020. Deeply inspired by the experience, she has also become an advocate for families who need help navigating trauma, social systems and everyday life challenges.

Answering the call of the waterfalls of love, Adjoba has developed an overarching care for the families of her Village and the Black community at large. She loves to fuse her multi-instrumentalist skills, herbal wisdom, color therapy and passion for Afro-Indigenous cultures to celebrate the birth experience and the joy it brings!

She has the pleasure of catching babies, nourishing pregnant bellies and rocking newborns to sleep. She is also a Moderator & Host for "The Black Doula Collective," an international network of diverse birth professionals. It is 3000 members strong and counting...

Perinatal and Family Care:

In August of 2022, Adjoba launched a campaign called "The Starbabies Fund" in order to support low-income parents with newborns, and pregnant moms facing homelessness. Her goal is to advocate for the overall care and wellness of the Black Family in all its manifestations.