Our Mission

At Mino, our mission is to provide care that centres the needs of birthing persons, makes culturally-safe expertise accessible, and empowers parents through education and the removal of barriers to accessible care. We know that this kind of care will lead to less stressful, safer, and happier pregnancies. This way, we can reduce health risks and complications that disproportionately threaten racialized birthing persons and babies.

Mino Care, formally known as Mommy Monitor Incorporated has been rebranded to reflect the community that we serve and the ideals that we represent. Mino is a term in the Fon Language (Niger-Congo language) that was used to describe the Dahomey Amazons. The Dahomey Amazons were an all female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey (modern day Benin). Examples of the Dahomey Amazons can be found more recently in films like Black Panther or the Woman King. These warriors protected their king and their community and the term Mino was a name they were called, which means  “Our Mothers”. Although the Mino did not have their own children while serving their community, they were still viewed as care givers and mother figures.  At Mino Care our mandate is to be the warriors, advocates, protectors, care givers, support systems and mother figures to our Mino Care clients, just as the Mino were to their community.

How do we realize our mission?

Investing in the Full Circle of Care

Recognizing that perinatal care doesn't start with pregnancy and end with birth—it starts when we commit to building healthier communities and it should support people through the earliest years of parenthood.    It doesn't acknowledge disciplinary boundaries—it brings all kinds of practitioners together to make sure that we're supporting parents and babies in all the ways and in all the moments they need it.

Innovation of Choice

Health care needs to be built on trust and choice. For most people, it’s not. Our goal is to champion innovative models of care that inform and empower people who are bringing life into the world.

Making Data More Accessible

Data can be at the root of better care experiences—but it needs to be handled properly. We want to make your data more accessible to you—so it can be a springboard towards a healthier life.

Our Values


The exchange of knowledge between community members is essential for the health, autonomy, and justice. That is why we put it at the core of all of our work.


We believe that anything that happens with or to your body should be 100% your choice. And we are committed to ensuring you have the resources needed to protect your child and yourself.

Cultural Safety

For care to truly be just and effective, patients need to be informed partners in the process. This kind of holistic care requires mutual respect and understanding between patient and providers. It can only happen in a safe environment to share and make decisions.

Health Equity

There are visible and invisible inequities in the health care system that affect patients and their health. We see that, and are committed to building models that eliminate those inequities.

The Mino Team
Shani Robertson

Clinical Lead

Tricia Cooper

Mental Health Counsellor

Janet Randle

Maternal Health Navigator

Nicki Reid

Mommy Blogger

Andrea Meade

Physiotherapist - Pelvic Health

Elsie Amoako


Azem Cetiner

Web Developer

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