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We will connect you to care providers that are culturally safe, anti-racist and put you at the centre of your care.
"I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you for the doula support I received from you…. I feel saved by you especially while my mother's visa was delayed! THANK YOU so much for supporting me at the moment I needed it the most, I honestly do not know what I would have done without your support. Please continue the good work as the impact is amazing."
"Thank you to the whole mommy monitor team, I tell everyone I know how amazing this program is and how helpful it has been since my benefits have been canceled at work."
"My experience with my doula during my first pregnancy was wonderful. She was readily available whenever I had a hard day, or questions on how best to navigate pregnancy and postpartum. The real gift of her presence was felt during the birthing experience, because she really helped support me during the difficult labour with her expert advice and tips. That support was invaluable, I'll never forget the part she played in helping bring my daughter safely into this world"
"I am thankful for all of your help in helping me get ready and pointing me to different resources -- they have been absolutely invaluable!!"

The Services We Offer:

Support Finding a Midwife

Support finding a midwife that is culturally competent, makes you comfortable, and will put you at the centre of your care.

Navigating Perinatal Healthcare

Navigating healthcare systems and providers is stressful—especially when they've been designed against you. We offer support, guidance, and experience as parents identify their needs  and pursue the right healthcare providers

Doula Support

A Doula can be your strong partner and experienced guide—providing emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy. Mino offers free Doula services to Black mothers in Toronto.

Lactation Consultant

Work with a certified healthcare professional who specializes in breastfeeding/feeding support.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Physical therapy to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and treat any related problems

Mental Health Support

Families need a space to share experiences, gain support, and explore avenues to improve our mental health. That's why we offer free counselling for Black parents. This includes one 1:1 session per month with a licensed therapist, and an opportunity to attend group sessions on a monthly basis.

This means one 1:1 session per month and one optional group session per month.

Dental Hygiene

Work with a certified, culturally-competent, dental hygienist through Mino.

Pregnancy Massage

Relieve tension and improve your wellness with someone who specializes in pregnancy massages that are safe for your body and your baby.

Development Screening + Testing

Professional services for screening and testing childhood development. Help parents identify their needs and pursue the right healthcare providers

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