Birth justice is about your rights as a birthing person

Know your rights.

Navigating health care systems that often seem designed against you can be challenging. It's important to know what your rights are and how to communicate them as a birth-giver.

Justice leads to joy.

Putting justice at the centre of your care experience will make the whole process less stressful, more empowering, and ultimately more joyful for you and your baby.

Communicate with clarity.

Knowing how to communicate your with confidence and clarity to your healthcare provider can make all of the difference. It'll be the key to making sure your needs and expectations are met.

Our Workshops

Cultural sensitivity and supporting racialized clients (workshop for providers)

Navigating CAS

Managing your Pregnancy after being involved with the Child Welfare System

Choices in Labour & Birth (position changes, pros and cons of epidural, labour support, use of water therapy, medications given to your newborn in the 1st hour of life etc.)

Pregnancy-related health issues & Black birth parents (e.g. hypertension, gestational diabetes, Sickle cell anaemia)

Tests Offered During Pregnancy & To Your Newborn

Black Parents and Pre-term Labour: What does it look like? Why does it happen? What to do if my baby is in the NICU?

Postpartum Depression and Parenting

Healthy Eating in Pregnancy for Black parents: Why drink Gatorade when you could drink Coconut water

Patient Rights & Informed Choice vs. Informed Consent

Navigating Maternal Healthcare

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