Resources for Black Parents

Knowledge and networks you need to embrace your birth journey with confidence.

Black Perinatal Health Professionals Directory

A comprehensive directory of Black Canadian healthcare professionals that goes beyond peri-natal healthcare providers—listing Black family doctors, dentists, pediatricians and more.

Birth Justice Workshops

Birth justice workshops provide the education and tools needed to position parents to be in control of their birth experience. (Note: We also develop works for clients (organizations, etc.) separate from the 13 standard workshops.

Personalized birth plans

A birth plan that includes more options and information to help you make informed choices about your birth experience.

Lactation Plan

A customizable lactation plan to support you in your journey of feeding with your infant.

Parent Blogs

Our blogs are written by parents that share their knowledge and experiences.


On our podcast, we interview folks who are championing improvements to racialized prenatal health care in Canada. If you want to understand the changing landscape and what we need to do to create more just systems of care for Black families—this podcast is for you.