Personalized care that's always within reach.

A simple and central place to access equitable,
anti-racist, and patient-centred perinatal care.
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Our community is made up of providers that are always listening and learning new things that will make your care better. Our platform makes it easy for you to communicate with all of them—and for them to share insights with each other.

Customized Care

We customize your care experience to give you the care and support needed for your individual experience.

Lower Barriers to Care

We connect you with various perinatal care professionals that are accessible without the barriers.

Seamless Care
Across Providers

Do you ever find yourself explaining your situation over and over again—missing little details and managing
contradictions between care providers? Our app helps your care team keep each other up to date—so you're always moving forward.

Our promise about your data

Our platform is built on a foundation of data justice and data privacy. This means that we'll be your partners in data. We'll never sell it to third parties or share it outside of your care team. With your permission, though, we'll use it to make your care better and more aligned with your needs.

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