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5 Things I Did to Navigate the "Terrible" & Terrific Twos

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3 Mindset Shifts to Help Mamas Juggle it All

Why I released the notion of a balanced life in favour of a harmonious one instead.

4 Simple Ways Black Moms Can Cultivate Self-Love

Black love is a revolutionary act and what better way to participate in the revolution than by loving ourselves.

4 Things I Did To Help Me Prepare For My First Birthing Experience

I always tell people that I trained for the birth of my first born like a marathon.

5 Things I Did to Navigate the "Terrible" & Terrific Twos

When you’re sleep deprived, overwhelmed, in dire need of some mommy / alone time (and more), dealing with your unpredictable tantrum throwing toddler is maybe the last thing that you may feel like you have the capacity for.

6 Ways to Experience a Harmonious Holiday Season

As we gear up for another holiday season, here are some tips to make it as harmonious and relaxing as possible.

7 Wellness Tips to Help Mamas Preserve their Mental Well-Being During Stressful Times

If you’re a Mama who lives in Ontario, you’re going to want to read this.

A Closer Look at Midwifery

Many women have requested midwifery services, have considered it or know someone who has used a midwife for their maternal needs. Midwives in Canada are regulated by professional colleges, similar to physicians and provide care for low-risk pregnancies throughout pregnancy, labor and 6 weeks following birth.

A night with WeWork Mommy Monitor won’t forget

After a week in Detroit doing interviews and filming for WeWork, the night of the awards finally came.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

In the past, I've shared tips on how to move through difficult situations, but now I would like to take a moment to create space to honour the uncomfortable emotions.

Black Breastfeeding Week 2021: Collective Rest for Collective Power

Given the difficulties we’ve experienced during the pandemic, this year’s theme for Black Breastfeeding Week is an important reminder that rest is resistance and something we need and deserve.