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5 Things I Did to Navigate the "Terrible" & Terrific Twos

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Black Children Need to See Themselves in Stories

I made an intentional choice to read to my daughter starting from the moment that I learned I was pregnant, and promised to make sure that the stories we read together were ones that she could see herself represented in.

COVID-19 and the Holidays: Can We Navigate Both Safely?

With COVID-19 cases rising and the holidays just around the corner, here are some guidelines to help loved ones celebrate together, safely.

Can social location impact a woman’s pregnancy?: The role of the social determinants of heath

How do the Social Determinants of Health Impact Pregnancy?

Celebrating Black Motherhood as a Millennial Mama

To me, celebrating Black motherhood is acknowledging the past, parenting in the present, and creating opportunities for future generations to flourish.

Celebrating Black Women Pioneers in Medicine and their Lasting Impact on Healthcare

This International Women's Day, we want to highlight a few of the important contributions made by Black women to the advancement of equity in healthcare.

Celebrating the Holidays with Intention

This Christmas, I invite you to redefine what it means to you and create a tradition that you all can look back on for years to come, maybe even something that outlives you; a legacy being passed on for generations to come.

Collective Care: How We Can Better Support Moms

Becoming a mother is a joyous milestone and while this is true for some, it is not true for everyone.

Designing a Better World for Black Women

Black women and other women of colour have repeatedly been erased from data collection, research, policy efforts, and representation across all sectors. The result is a world that uses them, but is not designed for them.

Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Obvious

A closer look at the way intimate partner violence can unfold, from one woman’s perspective.

Embracing Simplicity in Motherhood: Goal Setting Edition

Mama, do you want to feel less overwhelmed and more organized, but you don’t know where to begin? Have you ever set a goal but didn’t accomplish it? We have all been there before.