By: Nicki Reid, Bilingual BA

6 Ways to Experience a Harmonious Holiday Season

As we gear up for another holiday season, here are some tips to make it as harmonious and relaxing as possible.

By: Nicki Reid, Bilingual BA

Here we are, a holiday season quickly approaching where we can actually spend time with our loved ones! Over the summer, Ontario opened up more than it has for the first time in over a year. As more and more people receive their vaccines and the number of COVID-19 cases decrease, we are a little bit closer to doing all the things we once enjoyed (like spending the holidays together). 

The holidays can already be a distressing time for many, and combining this with trying to navigate and take precautions during a global pandemic adds an additional layer of stress to the whole ordeal. So, in this month’s blog, I will share a few tips to help make the holidays less stressful and more harmonious so that you can enjoy yourself!

Know Yourself 

Are you familiar with YOUR boundaries? If the answer is not “yes,” I invite you to spend some time identifying what you are and are not comfortable with, what you are and aren’t willing to tolerate, etc. You may even want to write it down so you have it for future reference (this will come in handy later on).

Vocalize Your Concerns

If you desire to spend the holidays with others and if your loved ones are open to it, you can suggest that everyone who plans to attend the in-person holiday festivities get together for a group call. This will allow everyone to voice their concerns so a common ground can be reached, that way everyone is on the same page in advance and there are no surprises.

If you don’t want to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones because you’re not comfortable (or for whatever reason really) please know that this is completely okay! Last year, I shared that one way to make the most of the holiday season was to create new traditions. You can continue to build upon what you started or create something new altogether that meets the current needs of you and your family.

Alternatively, if none of these options appeal to you, you can spend it with whomever you want, however you want.

Be Respectful AND Don’t Be Disrespected

There has been a lot of contention around whether or not people choose to be vaccinated. At this time, people have either received both, one, or none of the vaccine doses. Wherever they fall, remember to respect their choice as you would like your choice to be respected; but also do not tolerate any disrespect. 

Remember at the beginning of this blog, I recommended that you familiarize yourself with your boundaries and write them down? It’s good to have an idea of where you stand before entering a possibly compromising situation. Doing this allows you to come up with a plan of action or even an exit strategy in the event that it’s necessary

Exercise Compassion

Regardless of what your stance is, not everyone is going to share the same one as you. There has been some inconsistent and (mis)information around COVID-19 and the vaccines. We are all making choices that are best for us and our families given the information that we are presented with. There is no need to shame anyone or make them feel guilty about their choices. Nor should you feel ashamed or guilty about your decisions.

Take Care of Yourself

This goes without saying. Take care of yourself in whatever way you need to! Don’t stay in any situation that doesn’t honor you or your needs. Feel free to remove yourself at any time. Nothing is more important than YOUR health or wellbeing. If it’s not already there, keep this at the forefront of your mind starting today.

Enjoy Yourself

Whatever you decide to do, let it be known and be firm in your decision. Do not allow anyone to belittle you or talk you out of it. 

You, just as much as the next person, deserve to experience joy (especially during these times)! Whatever you choose, make sure that you enjoy yourself! Do not allow ANYONE to rob you of your joy.

Stay warm and be well Mamas.

Nicki Reid, Bilingual BA‍

Certified Transformational Coach | Certified Essential Oil Specialist |

Certified ARōMATOUCH Practitioner | 200 YTT , Wholesome Mind Health Coaching