A night with WeWork Mommy Monitor won’t forget

After a week in Detroit doing interviews and filming for WeWork, the night of the awards finally came.

I often apply to several of opportunities without much thought of whether or not I will really get it, and sometimes I am surprised at the outcomes but nothing can beat the shock I still feel after Mommy Monitor was invited to the Detroit Creator awards as a finalist for the Incubator Award. After a week in Detroit doing interviews and filming for WeWork, the night of the awards finally came. It was May 25, 2017 and I arrived to Cadillac square by Uber, which for some reason is the main form of transportation in Detroit. As I walked through security I was enamored by the lively tent with various vendors and music playing in the background. A WeWork employee approached me then and gave me a rundown for the night a badge and introduced me to the other 9 finalists for the incubate awards. Each finalist amazed me with their different ventures and we were all nervous about who would be the ones to get the funding. After a couple drinks and some nervous conversation, we were taken backstage to get ready for the announcement of the incubate winners. While standing there, one of the WeWork employees came and put us in a very specific order, and Mommy Monitor was called last. I started to tell myself, “it’s ok if we don’t win” “this was a great opportunity regardless” “at the end of the day at least we got some publicity” before one of the other finalists interrupted my thought with a “good luck!” as we began to walk towards the stage. I could hear the video that we filmed being played and I tried to look at the audience but the bright lights made it difficult to see clearly. Just then they began to announce the winners, and each name began to be called and a trophy was handed to that finalist — we got down to the last 2 people and I couldn’t help but think, Mommy Monitor would not make it. Just as soon as I literally came to a place of acceptance, Mommy Monitor was called as the final winner-we all won! The rest of the night was filled with congratulations, food, drinks, treats and a concert by Wyclef that made everyone sing at the top of their lungs.

Mommy Monitor would like to extend a huge thank you to WeWork, for this incubate award and we encourage any venture that is interested to check out their website -https://creatorawards.wework.com.