Charmaine Hinds


Doula, Lactation Consultant, Hypnotherapist
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3078 Sixth Line #217, Oakville, ON L6M 1P8
(905) 461-1086
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Greater GTA and surrounding Areas


Charmaine Hinds has been a professional Full Spectrum Doula (fertility, prenatal, birth, bereavement, trauma informed care, and post-partum care) with 38 years of experience. She is often called the Baby Whisperer because she has a gift with newborn and unborn babies - they love her!!

Charmaine was trained through Cappa International® and presently holds certification with SBD-Still Birthday® as a Birth and Bereavement Doula. Birthing Supernaturally®, Hypnobirthing International®, Waterbirth international®, and Dancing for Birth™ .

Her experience as a professional Doula has created amazing relationships with previous clients and within my community. She has a wealth of knowledge as a health and wellness advocate, along with tons of personal experience that she brings from being a mother to now, five healthy adults.  Charmaine also has previous experience in assisting in a wide range of various positive birth experiences. She is BIPOC positive birth representative and specializes in training about using water in assisting births both in and out of hospital.

She successfully created and co-lead the Prison Doula Program in Vanier for 8 years.

Additionally, Charmaine teaches Childbirth Education classes, Doula Dance™ , Hypnobirthing®, the Mindful Birth method® and she loves training in Water assisted labour and birth!  She also takes amazing birth photos as an added feature to capture those special moments.

She has many additional services that she offers - Mentoring Doulas, certified Reiki and Hypnotherapy practitioner, Pregnancy and massage, Unpacking your birth Trauma, Childbirth without Fear and many more.

Perinatal and Family Care:

I am grateful to have Charmaine be my birth doula as well as postpartum doula. This is my 2nd baby and compared with my 1st birth which was without a doula, my 2nd birth went more smooth than the 1st one and I felt much better after the birth under the support, advice and encouragement of my amazing doula- Charmaine. I would like to thank her for everything she did for our family. I would like to recommend her for anyone who needs support during the birth as her professional knowledge and experience of birth will help to release the fear and anxiety during the birth. Also, Charmaine is professional taking care of my newborn baby and she came to our house to help us some nights and we got some rest from the busy life. Zhen Xiong

Having our first baby during our first year in Canada was a real challenge. Not knowing the health system here was intimidating. After the first call with Charmaine, we knew she was the one we needed to go through the pregnancy. She helped us navigate through the options and prepare for this beautiful event. She was so present for us during the long labour, she became family. Once it was finally showtime at the hospital, she was the best support and advisor to help us make the best decisions. If you ever consider getting a Doula and meet Charmaine, just go for it without a doubt, she will take good care of you three. We hope we can have her by our sides again for our next babies and are forever grateful she was put on our path. Thank you again and again for what you have done for us. Auree & Allan