Elika Henry, RPN, CD, PE

Doula, Perinatal Educator
Onyx Doula Services
Brampton, ON
(647) 499-2955
Catchment Area:

The Greater Toronto Area (Peel, Halton, Dufferin, York, Durham) & The KWCG Region (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph)


I started on my professional path of birth support in 2017 when I began my nursing career. I've had the pleaure of working on General Medicine, Palliative, Respirology, and Neurology units; but achieved a greater joy when I shifted over to Obstetrics in 2018.  

I have always been passionate about pregnancy, birth and babies. I can recall many moments in my childhood where I would draw near to the pregnant women in my family - collecting any piece of information I could get my hands on, being present for their labours and assisting with newborn care in any way I could. It has always come naturally to me.

In my experience working on a Postpartum unit and in a "Mother-Baby" clinic, hearing the birth stories of many families, I witnessed too many parents having moments of "I wish we knew that BEFORE we gave birth" That's when I decided to become a Doula (specializing in prenatal, labour/birth, and postpartum support).

I believe the need for informative and compassionate support throughout pregnancy, birth and the "fourth trimester" has become increasingly evident. My primary goal is to help empower my clients to advocate for themselves and the birth they prefer. My secondary goal is to help them attain their goals by providing them with the support, guidance and information they need. I am at peace when my clients are calm, confident & prepared for any path their journey to parenthood may take.

Perinatal and Family Care: