Gail Cetinja-Wedderburn, MSW


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1276 Islington Avenue unit 805, Toronto, ON, M9A3J9
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English and Caribbean Dialects


My name is Gail Cetinja-Wedderburn and I am a Social Worker/Psychotherapist. I identify as an Afro-Caribbean Muslim Woman. I am a mother, sister, wife, friend and advocate of health and wellness for all. I have been working in the field of human service for over 11 plus years in various capacities- Youth Justice, Housing, Women's Health, Immigration, Fostering and Adoption as well as Issues related to Anti-Black racism in an advocacy and Support capacity.

Currently, my private practice focuses on Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Healthy relationships and Identity related Counselling. I know that the challenges we face as individuals and groups can be multifaceted; as such my engagement with my clients stem not only from my professional experience but also from an interpersonal perspective that caters to your unique needs. I offer a free 15 minute consultation for those of you interested to get a chance to see if we would make an organic fit. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon!



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