Khadijah John


Goddess Quarters
Scarborough, ON
(416) 985-2484
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When I was 18yo, I made the decision to release a spirit from my womb. Why? I felt like I had no support and no knowledge of what was happening to me, what will happen to me and this spirit. I was very scared and felt as though I had no other option. Carelessly at 19yo, I was met with having to make that decision again. How? I can tell you that I didn't respect my body as a sacred temple. I didn't know how to. I didn't know what that looked like.

Those decisions have haunted me, subconsciously, with every move I've made since.

Stepping into my calling as a birth worker didn't happen overnight. My purpose is to be the teacher that I needed and provide the education I wish I had. This is apart of the journey to healing myself, from the inside out and through those I assist along this journey.

I am a Caribbean-Canadian practitioner serving in the world of plant medicine, pregnancy, beauty and wellness. My services take on a wholistic approach, offering lifestyle enhancing consultations, aromatherapy, yoga, plant-based skincare and ancient traditional therapies that serve as healing from the inside out.

Perinatal and Family Care: