Marjorie Wong, CD


Doula, Yoga Instructor
Breathe it Down Birth Services
294 Garden Ave, Toronto, ON, M6R 1J6
(416) 568-0015
Catchment Area:

Greater Toronto Area


Marj is a birth and postpartum doula, a yoga / fitness instructor, an
essential oil educator, and a mom of two! She is deeply committed to wellness as
a holistic lifestyle.

As a DONA certified doula, Marj believes that it is within each
birthing person’s innate wisdom and ability to give birth. Further, she
believes that birthing should be an empowering experience.

Throughout both of her own pregnancies Marj practiced prenatal yoga,
and she attributes her own remarkable birth experiences to her yoga practice and
the HypnoBirthing method.

From motherhood, becoming a birth and postpartum doula was a natural
progression for Marj and she quickly found herself fully immersed in supporting
clients through pregnancy, labour and beyond. It is in this role where Marj
feels her intuition, guidance, and personal experiences to be incredibly
supportive and valuable. The maternal period can be challenging, but with the
right support, Marj believes it can also be an incredibly joyous and
transformative time.

Marj is a diaper free, breastfeeding, and HypnoBirthing advocate. She
is trained in many comfort techniques and keeps her approach educational and
informative. With her help, you will gain the confidence to nourish and care for
your baby and yourself in the best way possible.

Perinatal and Family Care: