Nancy Rose Wambangwa, RP (Qualifying)


One Peace Therapy
40 Winford Dr, Toronto ON, M3C 1J5
(289) 624-4855
Catchment Area:

Greater Toronto Area

English, French

I trust that with a welcoming and encouraging environment, there is room for healing and goal achievement. I can support you on taking the next steps that will allow you to focus on your goals and healing journey. My approaches include acknowledging anti-oppression views CBT, solution-focused and a narrative approach. I have experience in crisis and distress support following traumatic life events. I provide a safe space with active listening and empathy. Also, I utilize tools that help develop and enhance self-management skills, coping mechanisms and resilience.

I believe that achieving self-care can contribute to everyone’s overall mental health. If you are interested in the therapeutic process, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to supporting you throughout your journey.

Perinatal and Family Care:

There can be many challenges faced when it comes to perinatal and family care. Through these obstacles, mental health is an important factor. This can involve working towards self-awareness and internal growth or coping with overwhelming emotions and thoughts. The therapeutic journey allows for a safe space to focus on your personal goals and also provides you with tools to achieve mental wellness.