Odessa Thornhill, Doctorate of Natural Medicine, RNP, Doula


Doctorate of Natural Medicine, Womb Wellness Coach, Birth + Postpartum Companion
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Greater Toronto Area

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Odessa Thornhill is a Doctorate of Natural Medicine, Womb Wellness Coach, Birth and Postpartum Companion. She offers natural medicine support to women who suffer from irregular and abnormal cycles, infertility, hormone imbalances and chronic womb health conditions. She helps her clients to achieve concrete, transformational results, vibrant health, peaceful periods, successful pregnancies: without feeling the overwhelm of Do It Your holistic medicine.

Odessa enjoys consulting and working with families to provide them with information, emotional support, support with feeding and sleep issues, in addition to helpful tips on healing the mother. Odessa offers overall baby care and dedication combined with a confident mentoring approach to helping equip parents with the tools to be successful in their roles as caregivers to their new baby.

Her decision to become a Doula came as a natural progression of her own life’s journey and professional experience as a Women’s Wellness + Fertility Coach, educating clients on nutrition, mindset and holistic lifestyle changes. Armed with this experience, in addition to her Doula training, Odessa attends these journeys with family with compassion, attentiveness and professionalism.

  • Inform parents on best practices for bottle feeding and breastfeeding (positioning, latch, self breast massage for milk stimulation, burping baby)
  • Informing and guiding parents on the best practices for newborn + infant sleep
  • Helping parents to address issues of gas through mom’s nutrition, hands on massage and reflexology for baby
  • Helping mom to relieve postpartum pain, discomfort and or scarring with various holistic suggestions and techniques
  • Support with bathing baby
  • Folding baby’s clothes
  • Keeping the nursery tidy

Specialty: Welcome home support (18 hrs of doula support immediately out of the hospital)

Perinatal and Family Care: