Championing a just care experience.

Be empowered with the knowledge and networks you need to embrace birth with confidence.


The experiences of Black birthing persons is under-researched in Canada—despite the fact that so many Black families are choosing to make it their home. We do research to address that lack of data—so we can improve our approach to care, and broader systems around us.

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Research & Health Promotion

Increased risks to Black women/person's health are rooted in socio-economic injustice and inequity. We work with communities to implement social/environmental interventions that will improve health outcomes and empower people for the long term.

Mino Fest 2023

Previously know as the Racialized Maternal Health Conference. Canada's leading forum for racialized perinatal healthcare, bringing experts, practioners, and parents together to champion better ways to care for racialized birth-givers and infants

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With expertise in clinical care, research, social services, policy and public health for racialized mothers and infants—we help you create services, products, and healthcare experiences that are anti-racist, community-based, and rooted in reproductive/birth justice.